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Related post: Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 13:33:27 EDT From: Subject: Revisiting the Past part bbs forums pthc 2This story is part 2 in a series I'm working on. All characters in it are fictional, blah, blah, blah. Any resemblance betwwen these and other persons living or dead in coincidence. Do not read if you are under age to view sexual/adult oriented literature. Part 2: Two Boys, One DestinyWelcome now, four years into the past. It is a mild April day, and Daniel is sat in school listening to the teacher beng on about Henry VIII. As the teacher was about to mention The Mary Rose battleship, the head master walked in, with him, a new kid."Good morning Mr. Armstrong." The class said simultaneously."Good morning children," he began, "this is Steven Rushon. His family has just moved to Middlesbrough all the way from America. I want you all to make him feel welcome." He turned around and hurried out the door, leaving the teacher to figure it out herself."Hello Steven," she said in her politest voice, "I'm Miss Baker, would you like to take a seat next pthc rapidshare to Daniel Banks at the back polina pthc there." She pointed to Daniel and snapped at him. "Daniel, get your bag off that chair pthc on demand so Steven can sit down!" She pothos a pthc forum said, now in her nagging voice. Daniel took his school bag off the chair and Miss Baker led Steven up to the table. "Now Steven, this is Daniel, he'll show you around." she volounteered Daniel becuase she had taken a disliking to him because of of the way he'd proove everybody wrong."But miss I..." He pleaded. Showing the new kid around was the worst thing a teacher could ever make you do. Even cleaning the blackboard pthc pedo vids was better than that."Daniel, I'm getting loguestbook,pthc tired of your attitude, now you let Steven be your friend and let him sit here." She snapped again. Now even Steven was giving her the "teachers" look. Daniel knew he couldn't win, so video angels pthc he moved away from the centre of the desk and let Steven sit down. At first they said nothing, breaktime came and they went into the playground. Daniel wasn't exactly popular, but he knew a lot of the older kids in the school from the neighbourhood, and hung out with them."Hey Danny," one of them said, "whose that guy?" He pointed over to Steven who was stood by himself in the corner."Oh thats Steven Rushton," he said, "Miss fuckin Baker said I have to show him round. He's from America." He complained."Tough break." Said Matthew, his next door pedo pthc bbs neighbour."America?" Repeated another one. "Bring him over here." He had the idea that anything american was cool."Hey Steven." Daniel shouted. He ran over to him and dragged him to the older kids side of the play ground."Oh god," thought Steven, "what are they going to do to me?" His hands started to sweat and his stomach went into his throat."Steven, this is Matthew, Alex, underage sex forum pthc Carl Luke and James." Each boy waved as they were introduced. Then came the usual questions, where from America are you from, what sports do you like, what music do you like? That sort of stuff. The bell rang and everybody pthc porn pics vids ran to their classes. The new craze in the school was known as "Squashy", everybody tries to get through the door at the same time and theres a crowd of about fifty trying to push you through, this wasted a good five minutes of time in class. Back in links pthc the lesson, Daniel and Steven had started talking and were really hitting it off. Maybe this wasn't going to be a bad idea after all. "So where do you live?" Daniel asked. He was suddenly entrigued by Steven."I don't know the name of the road, Oakland pthc pedo forum Street I think, anyway, I blog cp pthc live at 76." He said, which totaly amazed Daniel."76 Oakland Street, no way! I live at 74 Cherrywood Park, Oakland's pthc movie right behind. Hey, our gardens should be at the corners of each others." He was somehow excited by the idea. He couldn't explain it, but for some reason, he felt a bond with Steven that he only had asian kids pthc with his little brother Mark. He felt as if pthc lesbian tgp they knew everything about each other, he knew then that they would be best friends. "Do you have any brothers or sisters?" He asked, wanting to hear his life depositfiles pthc story."I pthc img bbs try not to think about them, I have two brothers, I hate them both. Jason's 13 and thinks he's Jesus or something, John's 9 and a brat." He was upset about something, something about his brothers made him uncomfortable."What's wrong Steven?" Daniel asked, seeing tears in Steven eyes."Please don't, my names Steve, Steven's when I cp lolz pthc do something wrong, just call me Steve. And nothings wrong it just..." He couldn't finish the sentance, he wanted to cry but held it back because he was in class and on the first day in his new school, he didn't want to cry."OK, I prefer Danny, but everybody calls me Daniel, like I don't know my own name or something." They both laughed, cheering Steve up. "Listen, if you don't want to talk about it just say so." He knew that he shouldn't have asked about his brothers."Thanks, I'll tell you another time. Why don't you come round my house tonight, I'll tell you then. BY the way, have you got any brothers and sisters?" pthc pjk bbs He wanted to continue the conversation as normal."Yeh, I've got one brother Mark whose 8. Listen, I ah, can't make it tonight, I'm grounded for using "that tone" with my mam, but I bet you could come round my place, if I can't see you, you can see me." They laughed again, what was a normal kid very bad pthc russia thing was abusive to their parents."Alright, I come tonight, was it 74 Cherrywood?" pthc pedophile He blog sex pthc asked confused."Why don't you walk home with me and jpbbs pthc Mark, I'll kindergarten magazine pthc show you where." Steve accepted his offer and at 3:20, the bell went and they pthc baby cp tgp rushed out of school. Mark was waiting for Danny at the gates, and when he saw Steve he hung his head, thinking he'd have to walk alone. "Hey Mark, this is Steve, Steve, Mark." Mark looked up at him."Hi." Mark said. Steve put hius hand out but Mark's stayed in his pockets. Steve swiftly pulled his hand away. "Are we gonna pthc bbs forum go home or stand here all day?" Mark whined. With that, they set off video 11yo girl pthc home.They got to Cherrywood Park first and pthc thailande pointed out there house, Mark waited on the corner while Steve and Danny pthc 01jpg ran round to Oakland Street pthc imgbbs ru and dropped Steve off at home. Then Danny and Mark went home to have tea and do stuff that kids do. pthc small girl little While they were eating, the door bell rang and the boys mam answered it. She returned with Steve following. The boys had just finished eating when he came in the room, so they quickly went upstairs and into their room. Once in there, they played on the computor for a while, then Mark went young boy pthc downstairs to get a drink. "So, littlest cunt pthc are you gonna pthc newsgroup usenet tell me what was wrong with you in class?" Daniel asked looking at Steve."Oh that," he said, "that was nothing." His eyes swelled up again, Daniel got up and shut pthc pedo child the door. "It's just that, well it was probably best if you didn't ask me about my brothers, but in a way it was for the best. Ya see, I had a sister called Cheryl, and we were really close, but she died a few years ago in a car crash, she had only got her lisence a few months before." This time, he didn't hold back the tears and started to cry quietly."Fuck man, I really shouldn't have asked should I?" Daniel felt guilty about asking the question, but the past ptsc pthc young was gone pthc drawing and he thought Steve should do his best to forget her. "Listen, I think that you should try to forget about it, move on, she would have wanted it that way." It was at this point erotic author pthc all those sitcoms and illegal pedo pthc sites soap operas came in handy."I'm alright, I'm alright." Was all Steve could manage to say. He wiped his eyes on his jumper and tried to stop crying."Just forget underage pthc portal it." Daniel said not knowing what else to say. His natural reaction then was to put his arm around Steve and keep saying "forget it." Steve looked up and Dan and smiled, he was glad that he had a friend like him to rely on, even though they'd only known each other for a few hours. "Come on, stop crying and start playing." Daniel said, opening the door to let Mark pthc pixx in."Erm, no, I think I should go home now." Steve said. He smiled and went downstairs, Daniel followed. "Thanks man, appreciate it." He couldn't get over how friendly Daniel had been. "So, are we gonna be best friends?" He asked as he walked out of the door."I'd like that." Daniel said, smiling back. With that, Steve ran home and Daniel shut the door before running back upstairs.The next day went by as pthc bondage gallery normal, baring one thing that was kinda expected, but not las vegas pthc this soon. "Dan," Steve said at break, "do you want to sleep over at my ranchi pthc bbs house tonight, only Jason's gone pthc free pthc forum camping with my dad and John's sleeping over with one of his friends so theres only pthc nude galleries me and my mom, which I really don't want to face."Sure," Daniel said, pthc preview "I'll bring some video's over. Are you done unpacking and stuff already?" he asked in disbeleif."Oh yeh, we moved in about a week ago but I only started school yesterday because we had to do all that stuff." He said. "Please pthc little girl pics come pthc little girl movies over, pthc cgi image boards it'll be fun." He was tgp pthc boys scans bbs pthc almost begging, why was he so desperate to escape his mom?"Steve, I said I will, calm down." He zeps guide bbs pthc laughed at Steve's begging. After school, they went home as normal and Daniel began packing a small boot bag with his things in."Have you got your toothbrush?" asked his mam."Yes.""Sweat Pants?""Yes.""Clean underwear?""Oh God, usenext pthc links yes. No, not that pair, I need my Tommy Hilfiger's." He said in a hurry."Daniel your 10, why do you NEED Tommy Hilfiger's so badly?" His mam was confused, parents, especially mams, don't understand."I need them cause then I'll be cool." He whined."Yeh mam, didn't you know that?" Mark butted in."Jesus." she swore under her breath. "OK, here." pedo pthc porn she said throwing a pair at him. "Now your sure you don't want me to drop you off at his house?" She started a pthc russia new topic."Mam it's just round the corner, thats his young pthc porn garden there," he pointed to the house at the corne of their garden, "I could climb the fence there.""Your not climbing the fence!" She shouted."I think you should drive cum pthc him there." Mark teased, before being chased upstairs by Daniel.At Steve's house, pthc cp portal the two boys played on the computor all night, occasionally Steve's mam burst child porn pthc in saying something, of which they took no notice. This was around the same time that Daniel started to like punk rock, Matthew next pthc nude rape incest door was into it becuase his brother was, and what ever older kids pixportal pthc do is ALWAYS cool. So he borrowed a Dead Kennedy's CD of rbv kdv pthc Matthew for the night, which they played over and over. Steve was moer into hip-hop like the Beastie Boys, but thought that punk was cool. (It was to be a few years hentai porn pthc before they got into heavy stuff like kds cp pthc Mayilyn Manson and SlipKnot though). While they played their game, Steves mom came in with a video for them both to watch, Halloween. Steve had always wanted to see it, but his father wouldn't allow it. Now that he was away for a pthc bbs rompl few days and Steve was old enough to handle it, she decided to let them both watch it, making them promise not to tell anyone first though. "So, where am I gonna sleep?" Asked Daniel as Steve climbed into his bed. The room was fairly small, with no room to sleep on the floor comfortably."Come on dumb fuck free videos pthc get in." Said Steve who had moved over to one side of the bed. "What did you expect to sleep on pthc teen free the floor?" Daniel had never slept in the pthc picture forum same bed as another guy, apart from Mark. But thinking nothing of it, he climbed in and they both got comfortable. Steve had already pthc russian cum put the video in the VCR and pressed the play button, the movie had just started when they both found a good way lie down. The movie finished sooner than expected, but Steve knew now why he'd wanted to see it badly, bbs board messages pthc they were both scared top 100 pthc child tgp pthc nude shitless. The air through the open window blew the curtains pedosex pthc slightly. "Daniel, go shut the window.""What? I'm not going anywhere, you shut it." Daniel was too scared even to get out of bed, but kiddy pthc porn he was also scared Steve would call him a wuss, so he did it. He ran over to pthc kiddie the window, and without opening the curtain, closed it. He didn't dare look out of it, but once young girl innocent pthc he turned away from it, the scariest event of his entire life so far took place."OI!" Shouted Steve as loud as he could. Daniel quickly pthc top 100 bbs cp pics xxx pthc ran accross the room and dived into the bed, it was all Steve could do to laugh. "He he, your too easy." He laughed."Oh yeh," Daniel started, "then why didn't you close the window?" He questioned Steve, making him shut up straight away."I ah, I just didn't want to get out of bed because I'm nice and comfy." He lied."Yeh the pthc resource page right." said Daniel jabbing Steve's arm. Steve laughed and jabbed him back. Then they began to wrestle under the qwerty pthc covers, with the occasional head lock, then Steve went too far and whacked Daniel's balls. "Shit, man." He moaned so Steve's mom didn't hear. "What was that for?""It was an accident," Steve protested. "Are you alright?""No I'm not bbs pthc pics photo fuckin alright, I think you just popped my balls." He said trying to be funny."Popped your balls, Im sorry, man, it was an accident." Steve thought pthc dee anal he was serious, but Daniel didn't have the strength to say he was joking. Steve pulled back the 3d pthc porn covers and pthc imgbbs sven looked at Daniel's crotch, covered only by his boxer shorts. Daniel russian l pthc loved the attention his dick was getting, but he loved it a little too much. "Shit" he thought, pthc bbs pthc pics as he felt a feeling he had only just started to recognise in his groin. He was getting hard the more Steve looked, and it didn't take too long before the look and erection met. "Hey man you got a boner." He laughed, but his laugh was out lived as looking at it gave him one. "Shit" young vicky pthc he said quickly covering his tent pole."You got one too don't you." jp pthc torrent teased Daniel, rubbing his aching uncensored search engine pthc balls. The rubbing only made it harder. He pulled down his boxer shorts and propped himself up pthc hardcore pics to look at the source of his pain. "Look at that, my balls are bright red." he complained. Steve looked and giggled. He pulled down underground pthc pics his boxers and showed Daniel his balls. "See, at least yours are the right colour, mine aren't." He complained."So, are they popped?" Steve asked."Do they look popped?" Daniel returned a question."Do they feel popped?" Steve said."I don't know, what do popped balls feel like?" The reply came."I don't know." Steve replied, finally an answer that wasn't a question. Steve looked at his balls and rubbed them gently. Then he rubbed Daniel's balls to check. "Well, they feel normal." He said."Let me check." With that, Daniel held Steve's small balls in his hand, then held his own in the other. He rubbed both sets and that only made them both harder. "It feels normal, maybe my dicks snappe or something, cause this really hurts." And with that, he put his right hand on his boner and left hand on Steve's. He felt them both and rubbed both shafts."I'll check." Said Steve, who then did the same as Daniel and held pthc solem both dicks. They were both more or less the same size, four inches, and felt the same. Then Steve began to jack Daniel off, he didn't know he was doing it, he just thought he was he was checking if it was broke. Then Daniel lifted his hips up and shook all over in spasms. "You alright?" asked Steve. Daniel had just had a dry cum."Yeh, what the hell did you do?" he asked, still having his spasms. Steve showed him and Daniel did the same ls models pthc to him. After a few minutes, Daniel started rubbing harder and faster until eventually Steve had a dry one too."Woah that feels, I don't jenny pthc know, wow." was all Steve could think of to describe it."Did you like it?" Daniel asked."Hell yeh." Steve repleid. "Let's do it again." Steve said."Let's fool around old timer voodoo pthc a bit first." said Daniel rubbing Steve's chest. pthc code word The boys spent the rest of the night exploring each others bodies, that pedo pthc index was the night that changed their lives. That was the night that they became gay.
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